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Daisy Love

Cloudbras®Translucent Fleece Lined Tights

Cloudbras®Translucent Fleece Lined Tights

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translucent beauty for the cold season

Don't give up on your favorite outfits just because it's cold outside! Pair the flattering skin-toned DaisyLove®tights with skirts & dresses for a gorgeous look all year round.

Look effortlessly stylish on the outside while staying warm and comfy with a soft, high-quality fleece layer on the inside. Comfortable, warm, lightweight, and snug – the ultimate combo for chilly weather!




✔️ FOUR shades to choose from
✔️ Soft and comfortable on your skin
✔️ Feels like a warm blanket on your skin
✔️ Keeps you comfy and warm
✔️ Resistant to running stitches, tears and holes
✔️ Extremely stretchy material to fit a range of sizes
✔️ Accentuates your curves


It looks translucent and slim from the outside but fills with warm plush on the inside.



It looks fashionable as sheer stockings and goes well with any outfit. It has a great high waist design offering excellent midsection shaping.



slimming. shaping. supportive.

It has enough stretch that hold up and allows you to move without restrictions. This is also designed to effectively shape your legs and help flatten the tummy.




No need to sacrifice warmth for style or only wear your cute dress with not quite as complementary solid-colored tights just to stay warm. This pair of warm winter tights can make an outfit go from unwearable to seasonally appropriate in seconds!



With DaisyLove®Tights, diverse skin tone shades and sizes are prioritized! The tights provide more than just warmth and comfort while looking cute, they provide endless outfit options. Enjoy newfound confidence, freedom, and versatility with more outfit options in these tights with dressesskirtsboots, and heels or any shoe for that sheer black tights finished look while feeling warm, comfy, and stylish!


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